Key Programmes - 'Business Support'
'No organisation can function adequately without effective team leadership...'

Executive Support

Being the best that you can be by concentrating upon the three tenets of any successful business:


  • Build your self-awareness of your leadership style and flex it in order to maximise every opportunity and situation
  • Maintain a constant in your decision making that will develop a confidence in your team and colleagues
  • Improve your communication in terms of message, style, frequency and manner
  • Ensure that you involve the team in your ambitions and build an inspirational cohort around you

Business Planning

  • Develop clarity and agreement on the ambitions of the business
  • Align the activities of your business to help you achieve the commercial goals
  • Understand what makes your business distinctive and leverage this advantage
  • Highlight what is holding you back and gain consensus over what actions will move you forward


  • Relate your key strengths to your chosen markets
  • Identify your market position and that of your competitors
  • Organise your commercial activities towards your most profitable customers
  • Develop a visible plan of marketing activities that will support your commercial goals


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