Key Programmes - 'Executive Coaching'
'Maintain a strategic view of your business...'

Executive Support

Within a growing small to medium sized business the role of ‘Director support’ is flexible and can have more of a personal development aspect, ensuring that the Managing Director or Board maintains a strategic focus upon the key goals. My role is to provide perspective, advice and insight around the strategic and tactical activities of the organisation.

The role exists to improve productivity by assisting the company to maintain a strategic overview of operations by acting as a sounding board for the Board / Managing Director.

Reasons to engage
You have access to a commercially experienced Director:

  • To act as a confidential sounding board
  • To remain objective and independent
  • To challenge and monitor strategic progress
  • To talk through personnel & organisational issues
  • To support you in your own development

Benefits of engagement
The ability to:

  • Maintain a strategic view of the business
  • Have independent, Director level support in decision making
  • Have access to outside experience from other sectors / industries
  • Become involved in a wider network of senior executives
  • Benefit from flexible, cost effective, senior level involvement without the high salary

A wider network
Where applicable, I will introduce you to specialists in sales development, manufacturing environments, web design, social media and branding, or finance and HR. All of whom are known to me and the majority of them run their own businesses.

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