Answers to your questions...
Is my business too small to engage an objective external Director?

It’s not about the current scale of your business, it’s about agreeing a suitable level of support that will allow you to develop best practice in line with your goals and ambitions for the business.

Why should marketing be an important element in my business planning?

Marketing should form the backbone of your business planning. Understanding what is important to your customers and how your offer competes with your competitors will allow you to develop a sustainable competitive position in the right part of the market.

How will having a strategic plan help my business?

Generating agreement across the management team over where you’re going and why and what makes your business distinctive in the market forms the basis of and gives substance to future business planning.

I don’t yet have a ‘Board’ in my business, what can I expect from executive support?

You have access to a commercially experienced Director who can act as a confidential sounding board to discuss strategic progress, talk through personnel & organisational issues and to support you in your own development.

I started this business, why do I need to understand best practice in leadership?

If you develop an understanding of your predominant leadership style and you know what good leadership and communication can look like, then you have the ability to flex your behaviour as different situations occur in order to get the best from your team.